Big Data: How to attract the best professionals

The amount of information created each day around the world is much larger than we can imagine. A recent study by the Business Software Alliance (BSA) suggests that 2.5 quintillion bytes are created every day.

So the term “Big Data”, which has been used a lot recently, is a fitting description of the huge volume of data generated, which can have a direct or indirect effect on business of every kind. It should be noted that what is important is not so much the quantity of data stored, but rather the quality of analysis and handling of this data – i.e. how it can be used to create opportunities for society as a whole. Examples of the great benefits of this are the development of new products and more intelligent decision-making, which can lead to greater operational efficiency and a decrease in both risks and costs in the production chain.

This reading requires not only appropriate tools to extract data but also professionals who can analyze the information to provide a basis for decision-making.

But who are the professionals that work with Big Data?

The most common jobs in this area are Data Scientist and Data Engineer. Both of these are a rarity in the Brazilian market, because it has not yet reached maturity and because companies have not yet started to invest in this area. And these professionals often end up in academic careers, where they have more autonomy for innovating.

Academic training consists principally of master’s degrees and doctorates. The personal profile of these professionals is generally that they are creative, entrepreneurial and good at working on innovative projects. Their daily challenges can include analysis, selection and storage of data, lots of research and care to keep information private. They should also be good at anticipating risks and foreseeing trends, so that they can help their companies take the right decisions.

So, how can we attract, retain and motivate these professionals?

If you think that offering the highest salary is the single answer to this question you are very much mistaken. A survey by Yoctoo in 2016 suggests that offering a good level of salary will attract staff, but that the real answer lies with the technology handled by the company, the extent to which the professional can apply his own expertise, the team he will be working with and the level of autonomy offered.

According to our survey, the key factors motivating professionals are distributed as follows:

  • 29% would like to work with the best technological tools and market innovations;
  • 27% insist on working in a place where they can use all the expertise they have acquired;
  • 17% are concerned about the salary offered;
  • 14% would like more flexibility at work, especially in terms of working hours.
  • 13% are motivated by working with one of the top teams in the market, where the team members can learn from them and share knowhow with them.

So, it must be clearly understood that Big Data professionals are not just looking for large salaries. More and more they are looking for a chance to work with cutting-edge technologies and to apply the concepts they have learned to resolve business problems and to make an impact on society and on the future!