Employment vs. Employability

Among the key challenges faced by professionals today are issues such as globalization, evolution of the media, speed of information, accelerated development of technology, increasingly fierce competition, and the fast pace of changes that interfere in all segments of the economy.

Such changes have brought about a number of challenges for many companies that – in the current scenario – undergo restructuring, reengineering, extensive analyses and improvements in their processes, outsourcing, and downsizing. As a result, this restructuring has a profound impact on the role of the professionals within organizations.

Thinking in terms of “employability” and not just “employment” is fundamental for professionals to distinguish themselves in the face of all the challenges and changes that the labor market has experienced.

Thinking in terms of “employment” means focusing on the job position, the opening that was simply filled by an employee, whereas thinking in terms of “employability” means to keep your focus on your career in a structured, strategic and long-term way, in other words, seeking the skill sets and behaviors that make you important for an organization.




Job Opening




(short term)






Challenge, learning, career coherence

Pursuit of security and convenience


Pursuit of the challenges and differentials that will make you rare

Professionals who seek employability are probably less concerned with “having” the job and more concerned with “being” valuable, because they know that when they have the skills they need to make themselves stand out from the rest, they can get any position they want, regardless of the situation or environment they’re in. Your employability is directly linked to your rarity!

How to distinguish yourself?

In any field, the most sought-after quality in a professional today is the vision of the whole and of the business. Try to understand your organization thoroughly, and how your role influences the bottom line and success of this business.

Be mindful of the organizational environment and market changes. Understand how they can impact your business and consequently your role. Above all, know how to adapt!

Recycle your knowledge continuously. Ask yourself what knowledge and skills your market values today, and what it will value tomorrow!

Think about the coherence of your professional trajectory, and the path you must take to distinguish yourself. Plan your career very carefully.

Invest in your relationship network! Networking is a practice neglected by many, but it can bring you the vision of other businesses, make you better understand the context of other organizations and the market’s behavior, in addition to keeping you always connected and updated.

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