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About us

Who We Are

Yoctoo was founded in Brazil in 2015. They are a recruitment consulting firm that lives and breathes technology. We serve this niche in a specialized and tailored manner, with a high level of quality in all stages of the services we offer. We identify professionals in the areas of information and digital technology for companies of all sizes and segments.

Our knowledge and reputation on the market allow us to provide top-notch advisory services and propose the best talent solutions to meet the needs of our clients and candidates.

Accordingly, our services include:

- Search and Selection of talents for specialists and management roles in the areas of technology;

- Market mapping: understanding of organizational structures and collecting information about professionals;

- Assessment: evaluation of personal, technical and potential profiles.

Our Mission

We are a consulting firm specializing in recruitment of technology-related talents. We were born to serve a niche market, in a unique way, and with high levels of quality, passion and excellence. We are detail oriented and always attentive to the needs of our clients, revealing professionals with the potential to transform organizations.

Our Vision

To be a recruitment firm specialized in technology, with global reach and recognized ability to provide the best solutions for the market. To be always focused on establishing strong partnerships and building long-term relationships. 

Our Values

Confidence:  Commitment and transparency in all our relationships. More than providing services, we build lasting relationships with employees, clients and candidates.

Authenticity: We add value to all our deliverables. Our posture – always consultative, personalized and at hand – allows us to continually focus on the results and the most suitable solutions for each of our clients.

Passion: Our challenges and our passion for technology motivate us every day. We believe in the relevance of our business market and in the importance and responsibility of what we deliver, and we are confident in the way we do things.

Focus on detail: We are unyielding when it comes to quality. We continually refine our methods and seek to add maximum knowledge in what we offer the market, in order to ensure satisfaction in all stages of our processes.​

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