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YOCTOO Consultoria em Recursos Humanos Ltda. (“Yoctoo”) with head office at Av. Dr. Chucri Zaidan, 1550 – cj. 1407 – Vila Cordeiro, Zip Code 04583-110, enrolled with CNPJ (National Corporate Taxpayers' Register) under number 13.378.954/0001­84, is committed to protecting the privacy and security of information which identifies or may identify (“Personal Data”) representatives of their customers and suppliers (the “Representatives”).

This Privacy Notice describes how Yoctoo collects and uses Representative Personal Data. When submitting your Personal Data to Yoctoo, it is important that the Representative reads this Privacy Notice so that they are aware of how and for what purposes Yoctoo is using their Personal Data. This Privacy Notice also informs the Representative of their rights with regard to the protection of Personal Data, in accordance with the provisions of Law no. 13.709/18, the General Data Protection Law (LGPD).

Yoctoo is controller of the processing of Personal Data performed under the provisions of this Privacy Notice.


Personal Data collected from the Representative, whether linked to a customer or a supplier, will be:

  • Name;

  • Email;

  • Title; and

  • Telephone number.


Yoctoo will use the Personal Data of Representatives to enable the reception (in case of customer) or sending (in case of supplier) of service requests, contracting and for contact purposes. If the Representative chooses not to provide their Personal Data, Yoctoo will not be able to serve these purposes.

Representatives’ Personal Data will be stored securely in its own database, which will comply with current information security standards.


Personal Data being processed for the aforementioned purposes will be kept in accordance with the principles of purpose, adequacy, and necessity and, in any case, Yoctoo will retain your Personal Data only for the time necessary to fulfill the purposes that justified its Processing.

Personal Data may also be kept for longer periods to comply with regulatory obligations or for defense in judicial, administrative or arbitration proceedings.


Like any other company, Yoctoo relies on service providers to manage and support, at its own expense and order, certain aspects of its operations.

These service providers may be located in Brazil or in other countries and may provide services such as data hosting, IT and cloud computing services, customer support, among other activities. Our service providers are contractually obligated to adequately safeguard any Personal Data they receive from Yoctoo and are prohibited from using Personal Data for any purpose other than performing the services under their responsibility as instructed by Yoctoo.

Yoctoo may also share Personal Data when it believes in good faith that it has an obligation to: (i) comply with a law, regulation or court order; (ii) respond to requests for information made by regulatory bodies, police authorities and other public authorities, including in cases relating to national security; (iii) enforce and/or protect Yoctoo's or third-party property or rights.


Personal Data will be processed essentially in Brazil and may be stored on servers located in Brazil, the European Union or the USA.

In the event of data transfer to other countries, Yoctoo will adopt the measures established by applicable legislation to ensure that Personal Data is adequately protected.


As the Holder of Personal Data processed by Yoctoo, the Representative has the right to obtain, at any time and upon request, the following rights set forth in articles 17 to 22 of the LGPD:

  • Rights of confirmation of existence and access: the Representative has the right to confirm that Yoctoo processes their Personal Data and also the right to access the Personal Data they have provided to us or that we keep about the Representative;

  • Right of correction: the Representative has the right to request the correction of incomplete, inaccurate or outdated Personal Data;

  • Right of Anonymization, Blocking or Deletion: If the Representative understands that Yoctoo processes personal data that is unnecessary, excessively or contrary to the Law, they have the right to request the anonymization, blocking or deletion of such Personal Data.

  • Right to information about data sharing: the Representative has the right to request information about anyone with whom Yoctoo has shared their Personal Data;

  • Right not to give consent and consequences of denial: the Representative has the right to be informed about the possibility of not giving consent and about the consequences that this refusal may have for the Representative and their interests.

  • Right to withdraw consent: the Representative has the right to request the revocation of consent that may have been given to Yoctoo for the processing of Personal Data.

  • Right to portability of Personal Data: You have the right to request the portability of your Personal Data to another service or product provider, in accordance with the regulations of the National Data Protection Authority (“ANPD”), subject to commercial and industrial secrets. The portability of Personal Data does not include data that has already been anonymized and/or deleted by Yoctoo.

  • Right of opposition: when Processing is performed based on any legal basis other than your consent and the Representative understands that Yoctoo does not comply with the LGPD, they have the right to oppose its execution.

  • Right to Erase Personal Data Processed with consent: the Representative has the right to request the deletion of Personal Data processed on the basis of their consent, except in the cases provided for by the LGPD;

  • Right to request the review of automated decisions: the Representative has the right to request the review of decisions made solely on the basis of automated Processing of Personal Data that affect their interests, including decisions aimed at defining their personal, professional, consumer and credit profile or aspects of their personality.

It is important that Yoctoo maintains accurate and up-to-date Personal Data of Representatives. Also, keep Yoctoo informed if your Personal Data changes during the provision of the service. Also, because Yoctoo may need to request specific information from you to confirm your identity and guarantee your right to access the Personal Data of the Representative (or to exercise any of your other rights). This is another appropriate security measure to ensure that Personal Data is not disclosed to anyone who is not entitled to receive it.


The Representativeis responsible for the information, including Personal Data, made available to Yoctoo either directly or through the submission of documents.

The Representative declares that the Personal Data provided is complete, truthful and up-to-date, and does not violate any third-party rights or applicable legal regulations.

If the above statements are not entirely correct and/or the obligations assumed herein are not properly fulfilled, the Representative is exclusively and fully responsible for any damages caused to the Company or any third parties.

Yoctoo and the Representative elect the Courts of the District of São Paulo, State of São Paulo, Brazil in the event of any dispute in relation to this Privacy Notice.


If the Representative has any questions about this Privacy Notice, please contact the Personal Data Protection Officer, Paulo Henrique Exel, at (11) 3033-2430 specifying the content of the request in the subject.


We may update this Privacy Notice at any time, but if we do so, Yoctoo will share an updated copy of this Privacy Notice with the Representative as soon as possible.


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